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Begin With Hope - Stimulant Misuse and Abuse Prevention


Valley Community Services Board


2021 - Present


  • UX Design

  • Website Development

  • Campaign Branding

  • Animation

  • Motion Graphics 

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Radio Ad

  • Foreign Language Translation

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The Challenge

Valley Community Services Board was seeking a marketing communications firm to work directly with the agency’s Prevention Services Coordinator to develop and facilitate a media campaign targeting the prevention of stimulant misuse and abuse.

The Solution

RGC created and designed a stimulant abuse prevention campaign called Begin with Hope.


RGC designed and developed visual content to support multiple forms of media marketing using culturally sensitive content. This included extensive research and working with the Prevention Services Coordinator to generate branding elements, web and press advertisements, one radio ad, social media content, an infographic, an animated explainer video, social media paid ads, and designing and developing a campaign landing page with campaign-related information and additional resources.

The Results

The Begin with Hope campaign launch was able to generate a high reach within its first month of being active. The social media campaign generated 333,920 impressions; 36,765 video plays; 252 reactions; and a 2.92 frequency average.


The radio spot was added to AudioGo and shared across platforms such as iHeartRadio and Pandora. The radio spot reached 43,843 listeners and due to expert audience targeting, generated great awareness in the community services board’s target area.


For a completely new website being launched, the website received 541 users and 94 returning users within the span of 32 days. 60% of the web visits came from social media, showing that the social ad buy was beneficial. 


While the numbers for people reached and engagement were impressive, it was also important to Valley Community Services Board to have the results that RGC provided, because it showed their age and location of their target audience was spot on, but also which localities, languages, and media types to focus on in future campaigns.

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