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Brand Awareness Campaign


Rappahannock Community Services Board



  • Boosted Social Media Posts

  • Quarter Page Ads

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Creation



The Challenge

RACSB wanted to strengthen their brand with a series of social media and advertising campaigns that targeted prescription drug abuse by utilizing visual materials around mental wellness and mental health first-aid training.

The Solution

RGC created visual content, including infographics and 50 social media posts, that focused on mental wellness and the safe storage, disposal, and use of prescription drugs.


RGC also curated social media boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram and created print advertising to be placed in a local parent magazine.

smartmockups_kw6rkjt4 (1).jpg

The Results

RGC saw a significant increase in RACSB’s social media followers and post reach on Instagram and Facebook. Factual posts allowed the audience to see Rappahannock Area CSB as a reliable, safe source of information.


The diverse imagery connected to multiple groups of people in RACSB’s target audience.


The engagement numbers were impressive. The number of link clicks and saves was phenomenal. The target audience wanted more information and saved the posts to refer to later.


The comments in the social media boosted posts were mostly positive and in support of the content, and RACSB felt the help from RGC strengthened their brand.

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