Mental Health Awareness Month


Valley Community Services Board




  • Social Media Ads

  • Radio Ad

  • Graphic Design

  • News Release Dissemination 

  • Social Media Monitoring


The Challenge

Valley Community Services Board has a suicide prevention initiative called Lock and Talk, and they wanted to grow their social media platforms to spread their message of mental health and suicide prevention across the state of Virginia while also increasing traffic to their website.


Lock and Talk’s objectives were to increase Facebook followers by 5%, increase social media engagement by 5%, and increase website traffic by 5%

The Solution

RGC provided social media marketing by utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and AudioGO, a radio platform. We also managed and posted content on social media and back linked to the website, created media graphics, a press release, and a 30-second radio ad.


The messaging of the campaign was to create awareness of the special month, while offering Lock and Talk resources and a message of hope.

smartmockups_kw6rpjpg (1).png

The Results

RGC increased Lock and Talk’s Facebook followers by 76%, increased social media engagement by 449%, and increased website traffic by 246%.


The radio spot generated 100,052 impressions within 31 days.


97% of the website traffic came from social media. 


The most impressive numbers from the social media campaign were the 90,612 impressions and 116 shares on Facebook. These numbers show that the message was able to successfully reach the target audience, but also was important enough for them to share within their networks.