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7 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Be on Social Media Right Now

There’s one primary reason why your business should be on social media right now: The people you want to reach are already there.

Nearly four billion people are using social media platforms globally in 2021. That means over 58% of the population is active on at least one site. If you’re marketing in the United States, you can reach up to 82% of the country with these efforts.

That fact alone should get you up and moving if you’re not on social media today. Here’s some better news: there are even more benefits available to consider with this investment.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media for Marketing?

1. You’ll increase brand awareness.

Social media allows organizations to reach new, highly targeted potential customers. Although some people seek out the brands they know, up to 60% of leads on some platforms start looking for new products or services.

2. It shows off your human side.

Many customers won’t trust an organization until they see evidence that the value offered will work. When you connect with these potential consumers on social media, you have opportunities to share your values, interests, and stories. These moments create genuine connections that have the power to change individual behaviors.

3. You can start conversations.

When you have an influential social media presence, your outreach efforts can start conversations about who you are and what you do. These opportunities create genuine feedback about products and services that are useful for future innovations or an evolution of your value proposition. All it takes is for your leads to feel like there’s a person behind your brand.

4. It gives you a way to tell your story.

People want to connect with brands and organizations that are doing good things in the world today. When you are on social media, your posts, images, and videos provide evidence that you’re working hard to be the positive change on our planet that people want to see. This effort enhances your public images, inspires others to get involved, and keeps your organization at the top of the mind of potential leads.

For assistance in reaching your target audience through effective social media strategies, email to get started.

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