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Marketing Can Build Trust: Here’s How to Reach Your Targeted Audience

Relationships are what create customers, partnerships, and clients. Trust is what forms this connection.

It’s a logical progression from there to say that if someone doesn’t trust your brand or agency, they’re not likely to do business with you.

How do you build trust so that people will want to work with your brand? That process starts with your marketing approach. There must be a reason to choose what you offer over every other competitor that operates in your space.

If you need to start the trust-building process, here are the steps you’ll want to follow.

Step #1: Begin with a Straightforward Value Proposition

A value proposition defines the brand. It communicates to people what you offer while representing your purpose and message. If it doesn’t address the pain points of your targeted audience, they’ll move onto something else. Be clear, honest, and simple – and then don’t break your promises.

Step #2: Focus on Content

Content provides evidence that your value proposition works. It must come from an authentic place where the goal is to offer something educational instead of promotional. When you give this information consistently, brand identities will eventually form.

How do you create content that builds trust?

  • It must be original.

  • There should be an attention-grabbing headline.

  • It should have something actionable.

  • Answers must be readily available.

  • You offer accurate reporting.

Step #3: Embrace the Human Element

When SEO content and slick sales pitches were the primary marketing focus for businesses, the goal was to create a streamlined, professional image that communicated expertise. Although those efforts worked, they also reduced the authenticity of how people interacted with those companies. Natural, conversational tones often work better than 100% perfect grammar, especially when you’re focusing on social media interactions.

Tell your story. It can be about how your organization or agency began, what motivates your leadership each day, or even something funny that happened at the office. That’s how you become relatable.

Step #4: Embody Your Values

You have two burger places across the street from each other. They serve the same menu. Why do customers select one over the other?

It’s because of the company’s values. Just because it looks like you’re the same as a competitor doesn’t mean you are. It’s okay to take a risk to try something different because even a few small touches, like not charging a fee, can help you build more brand trust.

Step #5: Share Trusted Links

Search engines rank websites based on content quality, overall authority, and several other factors. If you invest the time to have trustworthy links to share with your targeted audience, you’ll create more opportunities to build an organic traffic foundation. The best way to implement this step is to refer to fact-based sources whenever posting information.

As a final step, it’s crucial to look at trust badges and HTTPS when using a trust-based marketing approach. With data breaches happening frequently and laws requiring specific information management techniques implemented, people want to know that you’ll protect them. It is better to be over-prepared so that you can stay connected to your targeted audience.

For assistance in reaching your target audience through effective marketing communications, email to get started.

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