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What Social Media Platform Should My Brand Be Using?

You’ve decided that social media is a strategy your brand should use to reach its targeted audience. Now you have another choice to make! Which social media platform can maximize the return for your investment?

The answer to that question depends on several factors, including platform functionality, audience demographics, and the approach you prefer to use.

Facebook is the obvious answer because roughly half of all social media users are on that platform. Although that makes it too big to ignore, that fact alone doesn’t mean it’s the place you should be.

Here are a few alternatives for you to consider.

1. Instagram

When you want to reach a younger audience, this social media platform has a lot to offer. About half of its users are under 34. As a bonus, it’s owned by Facebook, which means your brand can access its advertising platform. If your company uses visual content to start conversations, your posts can leave a lasting impression that works to grow your following organically.

2. YouTube

About three-quarters of Internet users use this video-streaming platform regularly. That usage rate makes it more competitive than Facebook for some audiences. It’s an excellent choice for brands that want to show their authenticity by telling their stories or the value of their products or services. You can optimize the impact of each video by offering an accurate description and including top industry keywords.

3. Twitter

This social media platform is often used for timely content, ranging from customer service to breaking news stories. It’s an excellent choice for an organization that wants real-time feedback on virtually anything. Some companies even use hashtags for targeted discounts or starting conversations.

4. Snapchat

Organizations that want to connect with teens and young adults can find opportunities with this social media platform. About 48% of young adults under the age of 25 say that they use it daily. Although the interactions sent to other users are viewable only once, the content in "Stories" stays visible for up to an entire day. You can even create an on-demand geofilter that offers value to new photos sent between friends or used in stories. They can even be saved to a phone for ongoing brand awareness!

5. Pinterest

When your organization wants to target households with high-income levels, this social media platform is the place you'll want to be. It is ideal for brands that love to produce creative content or highlight specific products. Some of the top searches here involve recipes, home designs, and lifestyle inspiration, making it the perfect addition for any company operating in those industries.

6. TikTok

Although this video platform is new to the social media scene, it's gaining followers at a rapid pace. Even though it has only been around since 2018, it's already larger than Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you feel that your brand could benefit from one-on-one interactions with influencers, this choice would make sense as an investment.

Although you can be on several social media platforms simultaneously, each one needs a different approach to maximize its value. By posting unique content, you can build a positive influence that drives results.

For assistance in reaching your target audience through effective marketing communications, email to get started.

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