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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month


Horizon Behavioral Health




  • Social Media Ad Buy

  • Billboards

  • Radio Ad

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Monitoring


The Challenge

Horizon Behavioral Health wanted to bring greater attention to suicide awareness and prevention during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (September).

The Solution

RGC created an integrated marketing communications campaign, to include social media ad buy, billboards, a radio ad, and additional social media posts/messaging for future use. 

Horizon FB Ad (1).png

The Results

The results showed improved engagement rates over the campaign period. This result helped Horizon Behavioral Health better understand their population to disseminate their content more effectively through marketing platforms in the future.


The social media campaign generated 382,698 impressions; 935 reactions; and 40% of the ads performed “Above Average”. The total number of "Shares" (385 shares) were phenomenal. This

shows that people connected with the message and wanted to share with their networks. Although RGC targeted Virginia residents, the ads also reached individuals in Maryland and West Virginia


The radio spot ran for three weeks, Monday through Friday from 6am to 10am on three different stations (R&B, rhythm and country). The radio spot reached 211,000 estimated impressions and had a 3.7 frequency, which was great to reach the morning commuters just enough times to be memorable.


The five billboards placed strategically in the Lynchburg area were expected to have 1,277,232 total estimated impressions over a four week period.

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