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Veterans Crisis Prevention Campaign


Ad Council / Department of Veterans Affairs


  • Graphic Design Services

  • Motion Graphics


2021 - 2022

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 2.17_edited.jpg

The Challenge

The Ad Council was launching an upcoming campaign to help more Veterans get support with a range of life challenges in partnership with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. They were looking to work with a designer to help create a suite of social assets that could be shared across social media to bring attention to this issue and promote the new website they were developing in partnership with the VA.

The Solution

RGC provided social graphics (mixed between animated and non-animated) incorporating pre-approved stock imagery, campaign fonts, logos, and color schemes provided by Ad Council. The graphics were a mix of photos and a few text-only graphics. The formats of the social graphics included in-feed 1080x1080 and stories 1080x1920 (both .gif and .mp4).

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