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Virginia Department of Health

COVID & Flu Vaccination
  • Content Development

  • Social Media

  • Radio Ads

  • Communications Campaign

  • Paid media

The Challenge:

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) was tasked with encouraging the public to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and the flu. With vaccine hesitancy and misinformation complicating the situation, the department needed a targeted and persuasive advertising campaign that would inspire action and adherence to local health guidelines.


The Solution:

RGC designed and executed a comprehensive multi-channel advertising campaign with the VDH by partnering with iHeart Media and Unified Partnerships. The campaign tapped into the reach and impact of both social media and radio platforms. Recognizing the need to address common vaccine-related concerns and objections, we crafted the content meticulously, focusing on reliable information and emphasizing the vital importance of vaccination for individual and community health. We also reinforced the significance of following local health protocols.


To ensure maximum impact and resonance with the target audience, the campaign leveraged the power of personalized, relatable messaging. We featured testimonials and endorsements from trusted community figures and healthcare professionals, underscoring the collective responsibility to combat the spread of COVID-19 and the flu.


The Results:

Our focused and strategic approach bore significant results. The campaign successfully generated over 15.5 million impressions, demonstrating its broad reach. More importantly, it substantially increased awareness about the critical nature of vaccination and each individual's role in adhering to health guidelines.


The success of this collaborative effort between RGC and the VDH showcased the positive impact a well-thought-out advertising campaign can have on community health behaviors. We remain committed to employing these strategies in future efforts to support public health initiatives in Virginia.

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